thoughts from a nigahiga youtube video (yes, it's true)

I'm gonna go all regular teenager here for just a second.

Watch this.

K, I'm done being a regular teenager.

Well... that was basically the most hilarious thing ever.  Mostly because it's so true.

Soooo true... am I right?  We don't even know what's going on in third world countries.... but we make our teeny tiny little first world problems seem so big.

We (even I!  I'll admit that.) always say how we're sooooo starving or soooo thirsty that we're gonna die if we don't eat anything.  The funny thing... we don't even know what true starvation or true thirst is.  But we still say it anyways.  Maybe because everyone else says it.  Maybe because you're just really hungry and that's what we say in America when we're really hungry.  Or maybe... maybe we say it because to us, that's what true starvation feels like.  What we feel when we haven't eaten in two hours is true starvation to a lot of Americans.

When I was younger and running errands with my mom and brothers, we'd always say how hungry we were when we were in and out of the car and stores for three hours.  But, I always remember how my mom used to say that it wasn't necessary for us to eat anything while we were in that car for three hours.  We weren't starved.  We weren't going to die.  We ate before and we were going to eat when we got home.  We were probably "starved" in our own minds, but really, we just hadn't eaten since lunch.  After all... we don't even know what true starvation feels like... unless you've truly been malnourished.

The kids in Africa... they got one meal a day from the school they went to.  The other two were supposedly provided by their parents.  When they were sent home after the schoolday, there wasn't a guarantee that they were going to be eating when they got home.  As I said earlier... I'm pretty sure we'll all live if we haven't eaten in two hours.  As Americans, we're demand-eaters.  We see something that looks good, we eat it.  Hungry or not.  We feel hungry, we go eat.  It's just the way we live and there is nothing wrong with that.  But what I love about this video is that he (in a sort of mocking way) was just showing the world that these "First World Problems" you have aren't really true problems.  And I love that picture.    

Scottius  – (October 8, 2012 at 1:40 PM)  

All I have to say? True that.

Emma  – (October 8, 2012 at 6:15 PM)  

^^ Agreed! I often try to catch my self before I say "I'm starving...." because I know that I have never felt starvation. Sure, maybe when I have the flu for a week and eat hardly anything I feel like I lost 5 pounds, but in reality, some people and kids feel worse than that for their whole lives! I love this post. :)

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