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Have you ever met some of your best friends online, or watched a few more of them drive away, never knowing when you're going to see them again?

It's hard, you know, to watch them drive away like that.  Or to have to say goodbye and not know when you're going to seem them again.

But it's taught me one thing.

It proves true friendship when it has to be over technology.  If your friends can stick with you 350 miles away... or on the other side of the country... that's true friendship.  And I love that so much.

Whether you talk to them over Skype everyday, or you text them, or you talk on Facebook once a week, and you Facetime or Skype when you can... they're still as much of my friends as anyone that lives in the same city as me.

I have still gotten to know them so well, I still know exactly what they look like and what makes them laugh and what makes them cry and oh, laughing with them is my absolute favorite.  You learn to figure out if "Hahaha" means it was really funny or if "HAHAHAHA" means it's really funny.

But there's only one thing that separates us.  Distance.

Distance separates the one thing we want to do all the time.  Laugh together.  Talk to each other without it cutting out.  See each other without looking at a screen at a blurry person.  But we do it anyways.  We laugh together and we talk to each other while it cuts out half of our words and we see each other through a screen that shows a blurry person.  Because I choose that over not seeing them at all ever.

I miss them so much.  All of them.  The way they laugh, the things they say, our inside jokes, staying up late talking about our weddings or just laughing until we cry.  Having all your best friends live in a different state has taught me what true friendship is.  Always there, no matter what happens or where you are.  And I love that so much.

(p.s. you all know who you are ;) i love each of you so much)

Emma  – (October 6, 2012 at 2:29 PM)  

^^ agreed! :) such a creative idea! <3

Anonymous –   – (October 9, 2012 at 11:27 AM)  

i LOVE that last picture.

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