one of those nights

Tonight was one of those nights.

You know... the kind where it's raining and the windows are open and the rest of your family goes to bed so you make hot tea and eat chocolate covered pretzels and talk to your dear friends over Skype for the next hour.  And then they leave and go to bed and you're stuck there with your half a cup of hot tea, still steaming, and those three chocolate covered pretzels.  And you sit there wondering what to do next, since you're stuck with a lot more tea and good chocolate left and it's not time to sleep yet.  So what'd I do?  I thought.

Surprise surprise.

I thought about how lovely it was to get to know Trey's birthmother on such a personal level and how so many people can't say they've done that.  Those months with her impacted me in ways no one will ever understand.

I thought about how lovely it is to be blessed to get such an amazing education with such amazing teachers.  I turned in a paper this afternoon, which was part of the reason I was "celebrating" with staying up and drinking tea and listening to the rain.  This paper, though, made me really think.  It wasn't really that hard of a paper, it was just one of those things that made me think of how lovely it is that I'm blessed to get this education.  I get to read tons amazing and thought provoking of books and discuss them with a Christian worldview... and it's been so lovely.  It's impacted me in so many ways.

I thought about how lovely it is that we have the freedom to choose in this country.  We can worship God in this country because of our freedom.  How crazyblessed are we?!

I thought about the way God brought my family together and the way He continues to be faithful in my family after all this.  Overwhelming.

I thought about how much in love with this blog that I am.  I love the motivation it brings and the inspiration and the new ideas.  And I love.... with my whole heart... the way it's changed me.

I thought about the rain and how much of a lovely and beautiful thing it is.  I come from a state that hardly gets rain ever.  It's such a lovely feeling when you can smell it and hear it.  I can't wait to fall asleep to it tonight.  For the second time this year ;)

I thought about the friends I have.  They are so lovely.  I cannot imagine any part of my life without any one of them.  It would break my heart if I had to be without them.

I thought about my Treybah and how much of a complete blessing he is.  Every time I look at him I'm reminded of every day I waited to see this face.  His fake laugh?  Be still my heart.  I cannot imagine my life without him or without adoption or without babies at all.  They bring so much joy to a person's heart.

Oh, I thought about you.  Everyone one of you out there reading this.  I may not who some of you are, and most I probably don't.  I love you all so much.  You've help me find what my dreams are and figure out who I really am.

Well.  It's 10:40 now and I'm going to finish off the rest of this now cold tea, check Instagram and go to bed so my brain can function properly tomorrow for that Marine Biology and Algebra II test.

I love you all dearly.

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