It's been a full month and a few days since Trey's gotcha day.  AKA the day we had a court hearing and he became ours forever.

It was much more than just a court hearing, though.  And most people don't realize it unless they've sat through their brother or sister or child's adoption court hearing either.

It was surreal.

We'll put it that way.

Completely and 100% surreal.  Like a dream.  It was unreal.

Standing before a judge... with a lawyer... and then there's the people we chose to be part of this special day... and my brothers and parents... all sitting before a judge... just to make Trey ours forever.  There has never been anything more special and beautiful for us as a family.

And really, it's not just a court hearing.  It's not just a time for the judge to say yes and issue a new birth certificate   It's not just a legal procedure.  It's so much more than that.

It's forever.  It's eternal.  It's not just a court hearing.  It's not just a day to make it all legal.  It's God saying I've brought this child to you and I will give him to you forever from this day forward.  And I love that picture.

People always talk about the money issue in adoption... or the space issue in their house or car... or the risks involved with the birth parents or the child... or the big fat risk that for a few months of that child's life you are not legally their parents and he could be taken from you forever.  But none of that ever really matters.  God will work out the money issue... and the space issue... and the risks... all to bring your baby home forever.  And that's what I love so much about the day it all becomes final.  Everything God's ever done to resolve the money issue or give you more space or iron out all the risks during those few months before this day are all remembered.  It's just a day to celebrate and say I gotcha forever.

"There is nothing that mirrors the gospel here on earth better than adoption."

I am soooooo in love with adoption and the blessing it continues to be in my life.  It is overwhelming.  He moved mountains for this adoption and there is no denying that.  

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