Today is my dear dear dear close friends' birthday.

You have no idea how much this girl means to me.

This is Jemima Bakytgul.

(jemima's photo :))

She's super sweet... laughs at almost everything... is the best at baking EVER... she's motivated, she has the best taste in fashion ever, she's super funky and doesn't care what other people think about her... she's smart, super needs to be a model... or a fashion designer on PR.... and one of my favorite people to stay up late with talking to.

Ohhhh my goodness.  She is the very best.  

But, a few years ago she moved away.  She moved 350 miles away from the state she called home for most of her life.  It was hard for me, for a while.  I was sad and angry and confused all at the same time.  But then I realized.  This had to happen.  I've written a lot about them since they've left, and oh my goodness, where God has put them is soooo where they need to be.

But today... today is my dear Jemima's fifteenth birthday.  And I just need to say this.

Jemima, happy birthday.  I love the way we laugh when we're together and the way we plan our weddings at 2am in the dark until we laugh until we cry into our pillows.  I love how creative you are and how far you've come with happy flower designs and your blog.  I love the way you slam your hands on the table when it's really hilarious (or maybe just all the time) and I so miss those days in co-op.  Reading the Hunger Games Trilogy was the absolute best but it was way better because I got to read it at the same time (and freak out about every little thing) with you... even if it was over a text.  I love the way you make me laugh and understand me all the time.  Girl, you get me ;) And I love you for all that.  You mean the world to me.  I love you to the moon and back... I miss you times a trillion and five... and please come see me :)


Unknown  – (October 10, 2012 at 5:00 PM)  

Best friends are such a blessing! Glad you have one.

Anonymous –   – (October 12, 2012 at 9:21 AM)  

Awe, I just saw this (haven't been on blogger for days...ack!) and thank you. You literally put a smile on my face!

The Hunger Games was awesome but more awesome because you were reading it with me.

And yes I love how we stay up until 2 talking about our beloved weddings that we don't know if they are even happening!

I miss co-op and all my friends SOOOO much...I miss being in co-op and having a conversation on a piece of paper.

I love you SO much and I promise I will visit!


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