Summer is gone.  The hot, sunny, wet days of summer are gone.  Sure, it's still unbearably hot, but the sweet feeling of nothing to do when you wake up in the morning is gone.  The sleeping in, staying in pajamas until the late hours of the morning -- gone.  In some ways it seems very depressing to be saying goodbye to all of this, but in others, it seems very spectacular.  I am very excited for school to start, and finally have some sort of a schedule again.  It will also be a very exciting year for me, as I am entering my first year of high school.

But I am ready.  Ready to say goodbye to the relaxation of summer days, and ready to say hello to schedules.  Goodbye, boredom, hello, homework.  And I know for a fact that by mid-December I'll be ready to throw homework out the window, but today, this is sounding very good to me.  

Fall also sounds fantastic.  The lovely, sweet smells and colors of fall sounds awesome right now.  Chilly weather and jeans sound perfect for this winter-loving girl.  I am about done with this 115+ weather.  Cardigans, baking, jeans, pumpkin candles, cinnamon, cold weather  -- all wonderful things about Fall.  Fall also leads up to the holiday season (although I very much hate when people say holidays instead of Christmas).  Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday - all very lovely holidays that put me in my happiest place. 

Eat up these lovely moments, because before we know it, school will be upon us, we'll be stressed, and summer will be behind us in what seems like moments.


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