august swoons.

with august coming to a close tomorrow, i have a few things i am swooning over.

Fashion blogs. I started a fashion blog folder on my bookmarks bar, and I've added a lot of blogs that I'll look at for inspiration.

Vintage dresses.  Oh my, I wish I had $5,00 so I could go out and buy every single vintage dress out there.  Just too amazing.

Hipster glasses.  (wait... did she really just say that?) I love.  I need I want.  These are just too amazing.

Vintage hair bows.  I saw this photo (below) on pinterest recently and knew i needed to get my hands on one of them.  And, after looking around a vintage store, i came across them.  Yes.  I am so excited to get one.  {click here to go to the store}

Film cameras.  I've been swooning over these for a while now, but I just love the outcome of the photograph that comes from a Diana camera.

Chevron design. Goodness, I love chevron right now.  It all started when I saw pink chevron stripes on kate spade's tumblr, and kiiinda freaked out.  

What are you swooning over this month?


{all photos on this post are not mine--via pinterest}

Eve  – (September 3, 2011 at 5:10 PM)  

I'm swooning over Foster the People hahahaha

Sophie The Muffin Maker :D  – (September 16, 2011 at 1:41 PM)  

Not necessarily swooning, but I'v really been trying to make my blog worth looking at. I have been dancing around like crazy to owl city, and I recently swooned over my mom's amazing cinnamon and sugar biscuits :D aha... And I know what oyu mean.. I LOVE vintage looking things, i would go off pants just to wear the 40's time era clothing :D
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