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Well, It's happened. Max ate Squirt. The pregnant fish, is dead. Abi wanted one and a few others, too. We weren't attached to Squirt, though. I just read this little book my grandpa made for us about his life and my Grandma(that died of cancer 7 years ago). A lot of good memories in there. Sometimes, it's like those things you have when you think you remember her, or is that just something I made up? She was a really good grandma. Here's the story, It was a Thursday. Logan, Liam and I were watching T.V(I was almost 5) My mom was on the phone and right after she hung up I went into the kitchen(in our old house) and asked my mom when we were going to Homemakers. She was crying and I asked why she was and she said Grandma Brown died. I wasn't crying because I wasn't old enough to understand the point of crying when somebody dies. I remember at the funeral I asked why everyone was crying and they all laughed. A little remembrance from me. How is your week? I know, it's only Monday. No swimming this week because of Rohashana(sp?). I am at the Jewish community center....

Grandma & Grandpa H  – (September 29, 2008 at 4:57 PM)  

What a sweet memory. How nice that you have those memories since you were pretty young when Grandma Brown died. She was a wonderful and loving Grandma. You were blessed to have her part of your life, even if it was so short.

Grandpa Steve and Grandma Lyn

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