(This is highly controversial, and I realize that.  However, this is my opinion, and you may have yours.  I would ask that you would respect my opinion as I fully respect yours.  I blog to educate and keep things real.  This is one of those posts.)

A few months ago I overheard an employee in a store kindly asking a woman to leave the store with her dog.  The woman basically flipped out and stormed out of the store, totally disgusted by the fact that someone just GODFORBID asked her to get her dog out of this place.  

I, however, was the disgusted one.  

What in the world is our country coming to?  

You want to know my answer? 

We're heading straight towards a culture of dog-worshipping, children-killing.  In fact, we will even go so far as to promote abortion as health care while spreading commercials across our televisions plastering eyeless dogs across it.  And if we made a commercial exposing real photos of abortion to our televisions?  We'd be completely outraged.  But really some of us have forgotten about our first amendment: freedom of speech.  And our sixth commandment: thou shalt not murder.

And then I'll drive two minutes and see a woman pushing a stroller.  However what I find later is a dog sitting in the stroller.  Tell me, friends, what is going on in the mind of this poor woman?  I personally feel for the millions of orphans who are overlooked because we are all way too busy advocating for the abused animals. 

And then I posted this picture on Instagram with the hashtag adoption.  And when you click on that hashtag?  

Dogs.  With three photos of human beings.  

Friends, this is not okay

And look.  In no way do I think abusing animals is okay.  In no way.  However I find it sort of disgusting that dogs are living the good life riding in strollers and receiving wheel chairs and life saving surgeries all the while another child starves. 

Another child dies because they did not get the surgery they needed.

Another child spends their eighteenth birthday in an orphanage only to get kicked out the following day. 

Another child is put into a group home because there are not enough foster parents.

Russia bans adoption without hardly a word. 

And 163 million children come home without a mother.

You tell me, friends.


Because it will never be okay with me.  Sure, save the animals from abuse.  Go vegetarian because you're upset with the way animals are treated when they are killed for food.  Put the man who drowns dogs in jail.  But I have seen the way children line up for a meal of stringy chicken on the bone and rice and a cup of water and that's all they get for the entire day.  But just make sure you know deep down in your heart, friends, that though you choose to advocate for the abused animals, you are leaving behind the hundreds of millions of human beings being neglected around the world at this very moment.

Let that set in.

And let's do something about that number.  

Olivia  – (March 4, 2013 at 4:00 PM)  

Oh gosh. This.
This is something I've often felt, but you put it into words perfectly. We have two dogs and while we feed them, take them to the vet, etc., we don't take amazing care of them. And people will get really offended by that when they see them! There are SO much bigger things to worry about than what our dogs look like. There are SO SO many other ways I could be using my time and money. It's terrible...the way we treat dogs better than the orphan. Thank you oh so much for writing this, girl! You inspire and convict me every time! :)

Emma  – (March 4, 2013 at 6:50 PM)  

Oh, Emma. I'm so...glad that you have the guts to write posts like this, even when it might cause controversy. I'm totally a dog person, I love dogs, I love all animals. I have my own dog, Penny, and she is a rescue dog. We previously adopted another dog before Penny, but he has since passed away. I think that it is good to adopt dogs, and it is a choice that some should consider rather than a pure-bred puppy from a breeder, but I think that orphans, REAL PEOPLE, REAL CHILDREN, are SO much more important. IMMENSELY more important. We live in luxury compared to the extreme poverty of others. Why don't we share it? Even if we give what looks to be a lot, we still would have more than we need. I love the song called "Won't You Be My Love" by MercyMe, the lyrics are so true and hit me so hard. "When you fall asleep tonight//in your warm and cozy room//know that I'm awake and I've got no shelter and no food//but I am not alone//my friends are broke and lost//looking for someone//to lead them to my cross" I would highly recommend listening to it if you haven't already, or at least read the rest of the lyrics. It makes me mad that people live SO high on the hog, while people DIE because of lack of food. I never, in my entire life, have worried that I wouldn't have food tomorrow. That I might not wake up tomorrow because I died in the night. How can people live with 300 pairs of $3000 shoes, while others die of malaria when a $7 mosquito net could solve the problem. I breaks my heart.

Thank you for this post, dear. :) You inspire me as well, and I love how open you are with your thoughts. :)

Hannah Nicole  – (March 4, 2013 at 8:04 PM)  

EMMA. you consistently put my heart into words. This has been bothering me for so long. We have animal cruelty and advocates for animals and I can bet that if here was the equivalent of abortion for dogs, animal rights activists would be up in arms about how it was murder. I honestly can't stand seeing commercials about animal cruelty. I don't condone animal cruelty (it's wrong and sad), BUT in contrast of life -- children -- PEOPLE. and we spend money to save so-and-so but ignore the people. Ugh. It hurts my heart. Praying for revival.

thanks for being bold and writing what needs to be said. :)

Acacia  – (March 5, 2013 at 3:57 AM)  

this is just what everyone needs to hear. thank you so much for sharing your heart with us.

Brynn Schwartz  – (March 5, 2013 at 8:51 AM)  

wow that was great. just what i would want to say if i have the amazing words to say it like you do.

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