he has her toes.

& i say he has his daddy's hands.

& he has a combination of their hair.
& he has her nose.

& he has his eyes.

And maybe it's all part of God's plan, the fact that I'll never see my own brother's biological father.  Maybe it's so that I can dream and wonder and love.  And maybe it was never the best situation.  Maybe it wasn't ideal, maybe it was scary.  Maybe he chose not to have a relationship with him.  But it's my brother's birth father. 

And I'll love him for that.

My parents always had a picture in their mind... an African adoption.

And when God led us otherwise... towards domestic infant adoption.... in the US.... in our own state.

The "coincidence"?

His momma is literally from the DRC.... his daddy is literally from Jamaica.

Funny how God does that.

We got our African baby, even if we didn't travel to Africa to bring him home.

God........ He knows what He's doing.  At all times.

Jamaica and the Democratic Republic of the Congo will forever hold part of my heart.

Emma  – (March 10, 2013 at 3:45 PM)  

Beautiful. I think this might be my favorite post on Trey. :)

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