this is life.

i don't usually blog about my life.  i mean, i blog about my life, but i often don't share all the photos that take up my life.  the things i spend my time doing.  so this is life.  and it's awesome.

this dog takes up my life.  gosh, he's weird.  he has a serious disorder called being dumb.

i have the craziest brothers.  ones who download apps that make interesting faces.  

i do chemistry experiments in safety goggles cuz i'm just so cool like that.  SAFETY FIRST, of course. 

pancakes on saturday mornings make me happy. 

prank calls.  if you know me, you should know how much i love prank calls.  and recently i just did the best prank call in the history of them.  to make a long story short, i called my lovely friend emilyann and tried to sell her sap shampoo.  after the phone call, i shipped her a mixture of soap and maple syrup.  best.prankcall.ever. 

nerd glasses.  i just got some today.  and goooodness i have been missing out.  #nerdsruletheworld

 so there you have it, people.  this is life.  my life.

Kiley  – (October 1, 2011 at 6:18 PM)  

hahahaha!!! I love prank calling, too! :)

Natalia  – (October 2, 2011 at 7:32 AM)  

So beautiful. Your posts always make me smile :)

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