yesterday, we picked pumpkins, and later, we carved them.

oh and... we celebrated logan's birthday on saturday.  happy birthday to one of the weirdest, coolest brothers ever!  BIG 13!!!!!!!!

m e  a n d  l i a m 

eli was so proud of his little pumpkin.  and i am so proud of the photos i got b/c of my amazing flash!

and... because we are a big football family... GO BLUE. 

Also... just to prove that I am not depressed or a sad person. 

i am so happy to have the family i do have.  i think i've cared too much about the family we will have, and not the one i do have.  

and... thank you, everyone, for praying for us.  today is monday, and i am so glad to put last week behind me.  


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