I have a bunch of pictures to post... but today, just some random, everyday stuff.

1. Christmas snack.

This stuff is so good.  It's like homemade Chex Mix... 20 times better.

2. Presents are under the tree.
And I am sooooo happy about that. ;)

3. I love the randomness of our tree ornaments.
This is just one of my favorites, there are many.

 4. I made this yummy stuff for lunch today.
Quesadilla with left over rice.  Yum.

 5. This is my favorite pencil case... ever.
Well, actually.  To tell you the truth, it's my only one.

I got it from Etsy, which is seriously my favorite place ever... online at least ;)

Fun post coming up tomorrow!

8 days until CHRISTmas break :)


Kim Thompson  – (December 10, 2010 at 9:53 AM)  

I love your randomness! It is a part of what makes you YOU! It is lots of fun being your mom!!

Emilyann Of Iowa  – (December 10, 2010 at 6:43 PM)  

Emma! I loooove your pencil bag, too cute. And I'm a huge Etsy fan, too. :)


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