Gingerbread Houses

We did our annual gingerbread houses this year again.  But not homemade.  After our catastrophe last year, we went with the buy-your-own, already-built gingerbread houses.  

The box.

It came with everything.

After this photo, I put my camera down and worked hard.  To make this:

Leeeeeeet me tell ya... that frosting is hard.  And you had to "massage" it to make it feel all better... get those knots out.

My gingerbread Christmas lights ;)


All four of ours.  So fun.

Eli's top was my favorite.  (Except he cheated and got help)

Of course you have to get a picture of the back.  

I guess there were only 2 people that cared about the back.

This was last year's attempt.  And no.  It really did not have a door.

Now I get to go eat all the candy.


Anonymous –   – (December 10, 2010 at 11:58 PM)  

I want to build a ginger bread house sooooo bad!!!!


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