Arizona Sunsets and more Surprises

First off, I am going to tell you how completely random this post is going to be.  I just did not want to call my post something "random" once again.
I found this on the keyboard yesterday. 

I found out that Lego also makes these.

This was an ah-mazing sunset last night.

I wish we didn't have as many trees...

I love these flowers.

I find that taking pictures of an item in my bedroom needs to be photographed on my piano.  Because 1.) it has a really nice color and 2.) There is so much light in this area.

I just can't resist.

We did some CHRISTmas baking today.  Post those photos (of course!) later.


Anonymous –   – (December 11, 2010 at 6:25 PM)  

great pictures! AMAZING sunset! it's my favorite time of the day :)

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