Miscellaneous Break Stuff

Since I am officially on break... I am celebrating with some fun miscellaneous things...

Yoshi needed a blog post.

I got a flash!!!!!

I got it as a gift from a friend... but wow... it is SO awesome!!!

I am going to have to play around with it ;)

It is officially CHRISTmas break!!  I finished my ballad this afternoon and thought of this picture... I was so happy to get that thing turned in and behind me.  

I love the looks I got in this.  Liam is about to yell at me.  Eli is giving me one of those old people dirty looks @ Trader Joes pretty much saying, "Why do you bring your kids into the store with you??"
It's been raining ALL DAY.  I am so happy. 

And it's snowing in Sunrise.  Which means we get to ski this year!!

I have to post this picture of my gorgeous friend Gabby :)

You know it's break when there are a TON of people online :P

9 days until CHRISTmas!!


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