Christmas Photos

It's that time of the year again!!  CHRISTmas card photos!

I don't have all the photos I did from last year, because they are on a different computer, but here are one family I did last year!!

Questions?  I have answers!  

  • Where do I contact you?  contact me at eclaire105 @ gmail [dot] com (no spaces).  Also, my Facebook page.
  • Where will we go?  There are a few places I have in mind... however, if you have any ideas, or would like to do it in your (or mine!) backyard, just ask!  Deserts, parks, anywhere you choose!
  • Prices?  I am still young, not professional.  This is just for fun... so, with that said, I am going to leave the price up to you.  Nothing is fine with me.  Again, this is just fun, so if I get nothing I am more than happy to even get the experience! PLEASE don't feel bad for not giving me anything!  I am TOTALLY fine!  It is just SO much fun to take pictures of your family :)
That's pretty much it.  If you have any questions, email me!  

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