what means the most.

sometimes, we get so caught up in life and the craziness of school that we forget what means the most in life.  it's hard sometimes to remember that life is really beautiful.  although it may be totally crazy and hectic and nothing is going your way, it's still beautiful.  and i always forget to remember what means the most to me.

what means the most to me, is watching a bunch of boys play football together.  although it may sound absolutely crazy, it means a lot. 

what means the most to me, is having the best friends in the entire world.  ones that are miles and miles away, but stick with you. 

what means the most to me, is watching little boys play.  makes my heart smile. 

what means the most to me, is making prank calls with this kid right here.  never ceases to make me laugh til i cry. 

what means the most to me, is standing on the sand, wind in my hair, and realizing that I have a great God. 

what means the most to me, is waking up every day and knowing that i have the best brothers in the world.  

it's the simple, everyday things, that mean the most to me.


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Anonymous –   – (September 28, 2011 at 8:25 AM)  

I Love you so much and you are a great friend and I really hope that God will keep us together until we meet each other face to face in front of our God, in Heaven.

You are an awesome friend, sister , and photographer!! I love you so much.


Anonymous –   – (September 28, 2011 at 3:31 PM)  

This post made me cry! I miss you so much!!! Love you! As well think of you often!

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