spring break.

Spring break is here.  I am so happy.  It's what I've needed for a long time.
So here it is.  It's the first day of break, and I'm already super excited for the next six days.  

I'm not going to be like every other blogger in American (or the entire world) and talk about the weather, although it is getting warm.

So warm, in fact, that I've gone swimming for the past three days.  It's been a blast.  And, remember this post?  Well, the painting has begun, and is almost finished:

(terrible photo.  taken with my iPod)

I LOVE the color!!!!  It's absolutely gorgeous ;)  And I can't wait to clean up and get my bed made with my BRAND SPANKIN' NEW BEDDING!!!!!

YAY!!!  It's here, and I'm so ready to put it all together.  So, stay tuned for the finished bedroom photo!!

This is going to be a very good spring break.

Anonymous –   – (April 18, 2011 at 12:54 PM)  

The gray is a very cool color.....especially on those long hot summer days ahead....and very mature! I love the bedspread you showed! I look forward to seeing it all put together! Thanks for sharing your life with me.....it makes me feel a little connected! Did you all receive the invite to Chantelle's party? Know you can't come but wanted you to know we want you there! Love you all!
Aunt Debbie

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