Puffy thingies and the Toad Head

The toad head.

 You know... this guy?

Yeah, well Liam took the top of an old, ugly light thing from our ugly front yard, and stuck it on his head and said, "Emma, take a picture.  OH MY GOSH I'M TOAD.".

And, this puffy thingie kinda goes with the whole Toad thing.  It's... puffy. 

It's also just a weed.  Which I think is really pretty.

Especially this little bunch of flowers.

This little weed has a really funny story of how I found it... I was running next door to get something, and I saw those yellow flowers and said, "I'LL BE BACK LATER." and later that day I grabbed my camera and took these pictures.  Fun!!

I love these. 

And just so you all know... I'll be having a giveaway soon.  So geeeeet ready!!! 

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