Eli's Turn

If you're Eli....

You're pretty much cute.  But you won't let anyone tell you that.  And if someone does say that, you'll flip out.

If you're Eli... you're kinda weird.  In a "normal" sorta way... Heh.  You know?

You laugh really hard when things are really funny.  It's hilarious.

If you're Eli, you'll pose for me just one time.  

You love your puffles.  And whenever allowance comes around, it's time for a new puffle.

If you're Eli, this is your funny face.  Real funny.  (Mine isn't any better).

You love to have fun.

You'll only let me take pictures of you if you're in the mood.  Otherwise you look like this:

You know... THAT look.
You watch things intently.  

And yes, you cooperate with your lovely sister during your time of crankiness for a photo shoot.


Olivia  – (March 2, 2011 at 7:29 PM)  

He's sweet. I have brothers who act the same way!! :)

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