It's Friday.  The beginning of the weekend, the ending of homework, and time to just relax.
And hopefully take some photos!!

Spring is here.  Spring, for us in Arizona, is kinda bittersweet.  It's getting warmer... which means by the end of May, it's going to be in the 100's.  Ew.  

And the Summer in Arizona is the worst, for a few reasons.

1.) I cannot wear Toms.  It's terrible, I know.  But Toms get sweaty when you're walking in 110 degree weather.  Yuck.

2.) It's hot.  So hot.  Like ew hot.  

3.) You're like, "YAY!  LET'S GO SWIMMING!!!!" and then you might as well take a bath, because the pool is about 80something degrees.  

So, Summer in Arizona is pretty much just blah.  Besides the fact that you have no plans.  

No plans?  That'd be amazing.  No Biology tests to turn in?  That'd be the best!!

But best of all, it's just fun to have watermelon and a burger by the pool.  
So, I'm ready.  Goodbye, few falling leaves.  I'll take spring's lovely sun.

The sun was hitting so perfectly the other day on this little russian thing, I just HAD to grab my camera.  

Are you ready for Summer??

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