Just a normal Wednesday.

Yup, super normal.  My "school table", as I call it, is messy, and my mother will tell me to clean it up.  

It's normal all right.  The boys are acting... well, normal.

Otis is looking at lights.

I love this video.  The boys went out and played on the slide in this unusual 36 degree weather and I gladly following.  Whew.  It's freezing, and I was frozen.

Since the weather was chilly, the boys were inside, and they went crazy and had too much sugar.  Eli asked if he could have soda at lunch and my mom said "Nope, you have waaay too much sugar in your system.".  Eli then proceeded to say, "NOOO!!  I haven't had any sugar!!  I JUST LOVE SUGAR. SUUUGGGARRR!!".  No, Eli, doesn't look like you've had sugar, either.

This picture above makes me laugh.  It's Club Penguin themed.  Which, is not surprising in the least.  But it makes me laugh.  

What did you do this Wednesday?


Anonymous –   – (February 6, 2011 at 6:49 PM)  

WELL................I did nothing......IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I just sat on my bum all weekend, it was sooooooo much fun!!!

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