a brotherly kinship. a comparing and contrasting post.

Yes.  I used a thesaurus to find the word "kinship".  I love thesauruses. 

But anywho.  Today.  My friends.  Today, we contrast and compare Liam and Otis.  And we contrast these things, only because I just spent nearly 1000 words contrasting courage and foolhardiness.  But that's another post.
Liam.  The photogenic one.  The "just look at me Liam.  "DON'T MOVETHELIGHTINGSPERFECT" one.  You know... normal?

Yeah.  Then there's this..........  creature.
Otis.  The one that follows me around when I have my camera because he "sees the lights".  The one that turns his head from side to side when you say, "WALK?  PARK?  WANNA GO TO THE PARK?".  Althouuuuugh... he's never been to a park.  Hah.

 But then... Liam's there.  Again.
Liam.  The one that isn't obsessed with lights.  The one that doesn't follow me around.  Yeah.  That one.

But then there's Otis.  I decided yesterday that his name needs to be Sir Charles.  Yes.  Sir Charles.  Or Geoff with a G.  

But really... I have to live with them both.

Otis.  (A rarity: he looked at me while I was holding the camera)

Help me, Sir Charles.  I need some cake.

I love sugar,

Gabrielle Avery  – (February 26, 2011 at 1:33 PM)  

I agree with you about Liam Being Photogenic!

Galilee Polina  – (February 26, 2011 at 5:59 PM)  

Cute post!!! I agree with Gabrielle!
<3 Galilee Polina

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