Ya, I'm weird.  Always am, always will be.  I make funny comments , and such like such.  It's fun.

I'm going to give you some pics!

This is my teacher for Omnibus, Mr. Lowery.  Yes, he's nice.  Dogonnit, y'all!

I found these pretty sweet moving pink panthers last night.  Watch my video below!!


file:///Users/kimthompson/Desktop/Movie%2090.mov  i think this works.

bye for now,
emma claire

Kim Thompson  – (September 29, 2009 at 1:53 PM)  

Ok you are too funny! Maybe it's cuz you are my daughter, but you make me laugh! I love the pic of Mr. Lowery!! Where is Mrs. Taborsky? She didn't make the cut? You are a funny funny girl and i love you!

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