Ahhh... weekends.  Mmm...  I tend to not blog on the weekends.  I know, I know.  It's pretty pathetic!  

What did you do this weekend?

I pretty much did nothing.  heehee :S

I made spreads yesterday.  Find them here .  I actually used butter instead of margarine.  Read it.  It;s hilarious.  AND, bookmark her.  Amazing site.  


Today we're watching Seth and Eve P.  I'll take some pics - maybe.  And some of Otis-the-dog swimming. Weirdly.  You'll laugh.

Guess what!  I'm asking for a shootsac  for christmas, also a cover, and a strap.  

From my grandma (a.k.a. grammy).  

Ya, Ya, I know what you're thinking.  a SHOOTSAC??  that's soooo not attractive!  But it's soooo protective.  And soooo that's why I want the cover.  A damask one.  Pretty sweet, huh?  

Yes.  Very.

That's for today.

Bye for now,
emma claire

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