Ello is my new gig.  Ello, mate!  How're you doin' today, mate?  (australian voice)  Yes, mate!  I'm pretty good!  thanks, mate!  Say, mate? what have you been up to?  Nice, mate!


I'll stop with the mate-ey ness.  it was fun.  amen.

ooookay!!  Here we gooooo!

My future, dream lens - - - - - - - the 18-200mm lens!!  Here is what I think of it, after using Mr. Murphy's : It is a wide/zoom-ish lens.  It goes all the way out to 18(duh!) and zoomed all the way to 200mm!  It's an amazing 2-in-1 lens for sports, and everyday use.  


is even more awesome!


Bye for now,
emma claire

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