What is up with that blogger thingy with cake? Interesting....
Today I cooked some chicken recipes, and then pretty much... eh.
yup. Isn't my life INTERESTING??! of course, it is... sometimes. maybe? *sigh*
SOOOOO....how's life everyone? Okay...seriously - if you are on my blog, I want to know you're here, friends! So go ahead... I'm telling you, COMMENT!! Here's the excuse: "I don't have a google account" GET ONE PLEASE! Okay... just kidding.
Otis-the-dog is gOoD!! We've been training: "Otis, sit." he sits. "Otis, come" he comes. "Otis, Shake"(his fav) he shakes. "Otis, lay down." sorta kinda wants to lay down. "Otis, lick"(okay...eli did this one:D) He licks his face to death, well I don't blame 'em, it probably tastes amazing.
Whenever somebody opens the ice maker, he runs as fast as he can, ears flopping and everything, to it, and sits at your feet, begs with his little cutey puppy face, and gets one. ONLY, tho, only, if he sits or something. But It's a laugh cuz when you tell him to sit he'll automaticly put his left paw thing up! It's so funny!
Well, off to swimming in a bit!
emma claire™

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