For a while, I really wanted to one day work for/in/own an adoption agency.

Then things changed a bit, I've thought about the so many other options I have.  And it's not that I let go of the agency dream, it's just that it wasn't at the top of my mind all the time.  An option, yes, a great option, but not all I thought I wanted.

And now here I am, working at one.

With my mom's new job, we've become much closer with the Director of this agency.  We've all already had a love for this place and the people, because it's how we found Trey's birthmom.  I never at all thought for a second I'd be working at this very place.

And now I am:)
isn't it the best view?

It's just a summer job scanning paperwork and doing random office work.  But it's one step closer to the dream I've always had.  

It's funny... I seriously wasn't looking.  Didn't even ask.  I love how God works.  He hears our dreams. He knows our every secret.  I hadn't spoken of a job like this in at least a year.  I knew I needed a summer job, but I was not looking.  Still, He saw both of these things and He let it fall straight into my lap.


The agency had a sweet baby girl in their arms for a month as they waited on some things, and, being the crazy baby-lover I am, I jumped at the opportunity to have her overnight.  It was a little different for me, but I loved it anyways.  What a precious thing.  To serve God and other people by loving on a baby.  She went home to her adoptive mama this week, and oh, the beauty.  I LOVE adoption.


Really, God knows our hearts.  I am so very very excited for the doors He is opening through this little summer job.

Also... what a fun thing for me.  The fact that my first official "job" was at an adoption agency.  It doesn't get much more perfect than that.

Olivia  – (June 14, 2013 at 7:24 AM)  

wow emma. you really have a passion for this. i hope you keep getting to live out your dream. xx

Michlyn  – (June 14, 2013 at 9:32 AM)  

That's awesome! I'm really jealous, I would love that job. God does some astounding things, doesn't me?! Oh that little girl is precious. You are such a light for Jesus! :)


familygregg  – (June 16, 2013 at 12:09 AM)  

God is good and He will answer unspoken desires.


petal and plume  – (June 16, 2013 at 1:15 PM)  

wow, what a beautiful and precious life to hold!
your blog is wonderful

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