i like it like that

note :: i may or may not be listening to this song blasting w/ these:


i'm sitting here with music blasting, and if i look to my left, i see two crazy boys dancing along to the wii. it's the funniest thing ever, but it makes me think "i like it like that".  

they go crazy and run around screaming and it bothers me so much, but if sit back and watch, i like it like that.

they invite their friends over all day everyday and it can get annoying... but i like it like that.

they attempt to sing songs really loudly and i like it like that.

they wear the same shirts as they wore to bed, they hit me with wooden spoons while doing dishes, they trick me into thinking they're talking to me while i'm listening to music, they make stupid new years resolutions and mock the news people... but i like it like that.

i've said it a billion and two times before, and i'll say it again....
i would never change a thing.  having boys around all day everyday is the best feeling in the whole world.  

i like it like that. 

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