sometimes i want a place where i can throw everything into my bicycle basket and ride four minutes down the dirt road to a secret place underneath a big oak tree.  a place where i can read or just simply enjoy myself.  maybe i'm imagining the one from because of winn dixie?

most evenings i throw on a sweater and uggs, grab my camera, and walk out to my bike.  i usually then attract the neighbor girl.  the neighbor girl i speak of is five years old.  she likes to walk beside me and "find interesting things to take pictures of."  i can already see a spark of interest in photography in her, as i saw her crouching down to get the shot of an orange with my iPod camera.

we walk around the neighborhood and find things to take pictures of.  today, i spotted an orange tree hidden between two houses.  sure, maybe javelinas do dig in there, maybe there are snakes and bugs, but sometimes you just have to lose the fears and give in to the photographer's eye.  it's probably not my "secret place" that i'm thinking of, but it is sort of secret.  sometimes, you don't even realize that you have something amazing right in front of your eyes.

Kiley  – (December 5, 2011 at 5:42 PM)  

seriously? these pictures are yours? i just died.

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