Fourth of July.

Fourth of July does not hold any traditions for our family.  Usually we're up in the mountains enjoying cool air and great friends.  But today, we did something different.

Tonight we went to our friends' for a BBQ and fireworks.  And, of course, we can't light off actual fireworks.  But the small ones worked ;)  And, it was my first time using sparklers.  They were super fun.

Fourth of July isn't only awesome because it's the day our country gained its independence, but it's also American's birthday, and I think that's pretty cool.  Birthdays are always awesome. 

We had loooots of fun with the sparklers. 

Even though it did get a bit scary at times ;)

The boys had tons of fun.

And we had lots of fun watching our little teeny fireworks go off.


They were fun while they lasted... but when they go out it's pretty sad :P

What did you do this Fourth of July? :)


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