DIY: how to make a drawstring bag out of a t-shirt.

Today I'm going to tell you all how to make a drawstring bag out of a t-shirt.  I thought of the idea while making my halter tops, and so I decided to try it on my mom's Help Haiti shirt!

So, here's my t-shirt that I used.  I pulled out my scissors and cut part of the sleeves off so that it was straight with the sides of the shirt.

I then cut right beneath the neckline seam, just like you would if you were making a halter top. Then I cut right above the bottom seam.  Now you're going to take the bottom piece that you just cut and cut right above the seam all the way around, and put this piece aside.  This will be what you will use for your drawstring. 

I then took my shirt (turned inside out) to my machine, and stitched the sides straight down starting from the top, and going all the way to the bottom, on both sides. 

Then I stitched the bottom together and turned my bag back right-side-out again.

Now there's just one more thing to do before we're done!  

To make the drawstring casing, you're going to fold over the top edge from the front, wrong sides in, about an inch down, and pin it in place.  After you've done this, you can take it over to your machine and stitch around the top edging. 

Now, attach a safety pin to one end of the drawstring you saved earlier, and you're going to thread it thru the drawstring casing. 

And there you are!!  Your super easy drawstring bag made out of a t-shirt!!


Anonymous –   – (July 28, 2011 at 1:28 PM)  

SO COOL!!!! You are so smart...I love you!

Natalia  – (July 31, 2011 at 4:53 PM)  

That is AMAZING! Darn, I wish I was crafty.

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