tanzania... day 5

So today, we would have been shopping at the market!  The market was an amazing experience!  (i dont have pics :( )

but it was a lot of fun...
you would say, "How much is this?" and they'd say something like "5" and you'd say, "how bout 2?" they say "no." so I say "ok well I'll check over there.  maybe i'll come back here later." and they freak out and say "NOOO LADY COME BACK!  YOU PAY 2!"  it's hilarious!

and they call you "lady" or "girl".  like:  "lady, lady you want this?  this??"

it was so awesome.

after that we went to an awesome pizza place!  i got margarita pizza and let me tell ya... it was AMAZING!!!!!!!  it was so good!

have a great day :)

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