tanzania... day 4

Ok so I messed up and did 2 days in one on "day 1" and then skipped yesterday b/c it was boring ;)  although not boring while i was there, just blogging about it is boring :)


So today, it would have been Sunday.  We woke up to these beautiful children wanting to play.  So we gave them some bubbles and i loves photographing them :)

{my fav}

so we did a lot of this while waiting for people to finish going to the "bathroom".

So this was my dad, Amani (our translator), the pastor, the translator that translates from Swahili to something else, Kelsey, and Donna. (im missing :P)

Then, we visited bomas!

And saw what people made for the market :)

and then we saw a goat being cut open (yuck!)

goat (which i ate)

cute little James!

(saying his ABC's)

the cutest baby ever!!!

this little girl fell in their open fire in her boma.  The doctor told us about 3 days later, "someone must have prayed for this girl b/c she is healed!"

Faraja :)

Amani w/ his student :)

And that ends that day!

haley  – (June 9, 2010 at 4:26 PM)  

I LOVE ALL THE PICS!!!!!! I really want to go back.

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