Ya I made this and a Long Lost Post

Ya so?  I'm a computer geek, so what?

Ya. I made this.  And I will do many more.


I went to Arkansas!!
And I never did a post on it!!
So here we are...

But wait.  Before I start I must say that the Griffith's are a tall, hilarious, funny, joking, tall, cute, LARGE family.  I had a blast with them.  

sandra grace, the wild and funny child

evelyn, the sweet child who makes me smile :D

alexandra, MY FRIEND (i love them all) the one i skype 2 days a week :0)

elizabeth, the SWEET (they're all sweet.  really I'm not kidding) child who makes me LAUGH.

and... here is andrew... the hilarious child with the kool-aid beard.  my word he's funny.  And oh.my.word. he makes me want to go back!!  he is so cute. and he and eli need to get together...

Oh and Richard makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD

I don't have a picture of Brian OR Richard :(  but they are awesome too ;0)

I had a GREAT time!!  (thanks Griffith's!!!)

On Tuesday after I got there, I drove around their little town... and we hurried to find a gas station before some weird person found us on the side of the road and was like "DUDE!  there's some people with 8 kids in the car!"  that would be just too weird.

SO, then on Wednesday we went to the Clinton Museum and that was a lot of fun!  Then we drove by the Duggar's house that they are staying at while their baby is in the hospital.  So, Mrs. Griffith hauled us all to a bakery, and we got cookies and stuff and DELIVERED THEM TO THE DUGGARS!!!  I MET JINGER DUGGAR!!!  (alexandra, let your mother read this hahahahaha) THANKS MRS. GRIFFITH FOR NOT TAKING ME TO SEE THE WHOLE FAMILY AT THE HOSPITAL.

Anyway, on Thursday I got their stomach flu and I won't go into the details because that's nasty.  Especially if you have a big pile of brownies right in front of you that you'd rather not have it come back out but ANYWAY.  It sucked :(

Then I had to go home on Friday :(  that stunk even more because we were going to do a photo shoot on Thursday. 

Well, bad stuff happens.  And we MUST do it again, Alexandra!!

Thanks Griffith's for a great time!!!  MRS. GRIFFITH I STILL LIKE YOU EVEN THO YOU DIDN'T LET ME GO SEE ALL OF THE DUGGARS. :(  jk.jk.

thanks.  you guys rock.

familygregg  – (February 19, 2010 at 6:53 PM)  

I miss the Griffith's. The photo's you took of them are really cute! Love you and the Griffith's!

Anonymous –   – (February 24, 2010 at 1:40 PM)  

OHHHHHH did we have fun.......lol....I had sooomuch fun seeing you and I MISS YA'LL SO MUCH!!!!!!btw we r taking dinner to the duggars tnight....cant wait wish you were going to be with us.....I am so trying to get my parents to fly me out to az to hang out with ya'll....LUV YA

p.s i wont let my mom read it lol

Lawson  – (February 26, 2010 at 11:16 AM)  
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