I don't forget the details.  I remember the way people laugh and the way they say certain words.  Often I can hear them dying laughing when they say "I'm laughing out loud."

It's the same with moments in time.  I only need ten minutes to memorize definitions for my Marine Biology tests, I love memorizing passages and a lot of things are engraved in my mind.

But this moment, oh, this moment.  It's just engraved in my mind.  After years, I still remember it.  There was no need for encouragement; I was home where my heart is content to be, yet God let the light in.  In a dark and dreary day in the middle of a crater, light streamed in, like a spotlight, and caught with my camera was a really beautiful moment.

The Lord opened the heavens for a moment.

And today, studying this photograph once again, it resonates.  Deaths have occurred since this trip and seeing this photo again makes me know for sure that God was preparing me.  Death stings.  But I have opened up the heavens and I have let the light out.  

What a great thing for my eyes to see today.  A perfect visual for me.  Death stings.  But when we take a moment to see that the Lord is opening the heavens for another person.  Precious.

Thank you, God.  Almost four years later this photo still resonates with me deeply.

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