i am a people person.  i one-hundred percent love having people around me.

i try to notice everything i can about the people around me.  i want to remember your name.  i want to remember your personality.

when we started the adoption process, i never thought that we'd have so many people come around us and bless us with giving.  i've seen it firsthand with friends' adoptions, but this time, i got to feel it firsthand.

i get to see firsthand what it feels like to be given something, just because we were called to do something.  there is no better feeling than looking at the people around you and saying, 'wow, i am so blessed.'.

people give their time, their money, their handmade lovelies, anything and everything just to help a family who's doing what they were called to do.

i've been reading katie davis' kisses from katie.  it's an outstanding book.  she says so many powerful things that just make you have to read them over and over just to really understand them.  she talked about how she was blessed just because she said yes and was obedient to what God was commanding her to do.  and i thought about how many people have given to us in the past few months, even when we have almost no hope left.

how much longer must we wait -- i have no idea.  how much longer can we wait -- it feels like no longer.  but when i see that God is providing through the people around us, i know that something has to come out of this.


Katie  – (January 6, 2012 at 8:10 PM)  

I love this post, and that picture! Gorgeously written. I've been wanting to check that book out; it sounds inspiring!

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