I remember...

I remember...

the first day.  

You came to our house... quietly.  
You were strangers then.

I remember...

We went to Target to buy you clothes.  And you loved every minute.

I remember this day.

And I remember this day.

I remember your laugh.

I remember how you would always say "Watch this, watch this!"

I love you, Isaiah.

I know that all of our dear friends loved you.

I know that we enjoyed every moment... even when it was hard.

I remember when saih saih would say "mow hawk!  mow hawk emma!"

I remember this night.

And this night.

I remember your smiles.

And the way you picked your nose.

I love this photo.

I remember the days of Beaver Justin filling our home.

Now, when we hear "Baby, baby baby ooooooh..." I think of you.

All you pretty much did while you were hear was listen to music.

Everything.  But JB was your personal favorite.

You are a fantastic singer, Cherise.


while talking to Isaiah he said "I love you, hemma!"

We are happy for them and the fact that they have a family to live with longterm... but it is still sad for us... knowing that we may never see them again.

Getting a video up sooner or later...

Love you, Cherise and Isaiah.  Forever and Ever.

Hal  – (October 8, 2010 at 10:06 PM)  

so cute! i miss them too. but at least they have their aunt to live with now....

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