Early Mornings, Schoolwork, and Isaiah

So, I woke up super early this morning for my Orientations this morning.  Orientations include waking up at 6:00, rinsing your face a lot to get your eyes OPEN WIDE, get dressed, make my bed, etc etc, and then you meet your teachers for the first time ever.  Another thing you do: you read everyone's profile (well... this part is optional but I do it).  So I read them.  If we're talking about Biology, then I know like 70% of the class just from knowing 2 people from last year who knew them annndd... yes.  It's a very long story.  And the Veritas thing is just too hard to understand for people that don't go to Veritas Press.  So, join the club, or forever be confused.  Or don't.  You will save yourself some sleep.

ANYWAY!!! back to the part about reading profiles: So yes!! I read all of my classmates profiles and all of those 70% of the class kids I was talking about?  Ya, they all wrote like HUGE LONG, LONG, LONG looooooooooooooooooong profiles.  It's crazyyyyyyyyyy.  And I mentioned this to them and they thought I was crazy.  Crazy.  Insane.  Bananas.  Out-of-your-mind.  Wacko.  Wild.  Crazy.  So anywhoooooo...


Now to schoolwork.  Would you like to know my schedule?  Yes, you do.

Omnibus II
Algebra I

A few pictures:

Isaiah spent the night!  He kept looking at me saying "You make cookies.  Cookies!!" SO, I made him some.  In my mom's words:  "Isaiah wants some cookies... Make him some for a celebration." (i did not make them b/c of this request.)

Enjoy your weekend!!

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