The Funniest Part of Photography

We'll start with this photo.

Kate and natalie were told to kiss Hudson.


But.  Of course.  Natalie: "Nope, Mom.  I'm not gonna do it."


we got this

and we also got this:

which turned out okay.

But, I mean.

C'mon, Hudson!

Smile and look up!

People will love you!

And I loved this.

And this.

It's probably a little too whitey, tho.

But I like it.  In a way.

Back to this.

I wish I would have done some a little off-centered.

Oh, Lanta.  Yes.  Sometimes I look at these and go, "Oh, Lanta! These are so centered!"

Which is OKAY but I mean, HEY!!

Let's make it fun.


Now for a little more.

There is always this.

Now, tell me.

(First, I pray that he's not reading this)

But.  Doesn't he look like a pastor?

I mean.  Really?

It just works that way.

But, anyway.

And also check my photography blog.

I put some of Liam on there.

Okay, now.

Lisa Taylor  – (December 15, 2009 at 9:51 PM)  

EMMA! I just read this post! I love your commentary on my children! You have them pegged! And that picture of Heath is priceless! I enjoy your humor!

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