My "logo"(par say) is "I'm not short, I'm fun size".  It is so true.

I am not short.

I am fun size - the funnest size around.

And no way, Jose! am I offended by you guys calling me short.

I love being short.

You don't have to do as much work.  (i.e. reaching for glasses, etc.)

So anyway, my new friend from co-op, Katie, found me this shirt and decided to give it to me for an "early" birthday present!  LOL

here we are!

I'm wearing it today, too.  

I also looked found this and thought that all of my friends, (katie too:)) are like this.  

No offense, but they are the banana and I am the monkey.

It rocks.

Being short and all, I mean.

And now...

my 2nd favorite/wanted lens..................

200-400mm!  super duper zoom.

Yet, it is very very very very large.  and huge.  And Holy Cow WOW!

I like those groups of words.

Holy Cow WOW!

I say it a lot.

with that, have a great day.

p.s.  my dad is coming home from the hospital today!!  yay!

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