christmas 2008

Our christmas was just awesome!!! Actucally, instead of a white christmas, we had a wet(rainy) chrismtas!! it was wonderful. liam in the early(7 AM) mode

playing with playmobile sets!
eli got a scooter!
me with my Ezy Roller(7AM) Alright, I got: Ugg Boots(im wearing them), ezy roller, Monopoly:here and now. the world edition, Colbie Caillat's CD(i love her, very hippie-beach-ish singer, see my playlist), and a bunch of other things.
Logan: A bike and a bunch of other things.
liam: a fuzion(like a scooter) and a bunch of other things.
and eli: a 3-wheeled scooter and a bunch of other things.
we all got the Wii(YES!!) from my grandma!!! thanks!!!!! we got Wii Music and the boys got boy games, i bought ddr 2!!!
What did you get? happy new year!!
peace in 2009,

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