awkward moments?  psh.  not here.

+watching your footage of you and your friends dancing to "call me maybe" and kind of singing along as the neighbor boys walk in the front door.

+singing justin bieber while playing black ops (likeaboss) with your brother, and all of a sudden he goes "uh, emma?  he can hear you."  lovely.

+tweeting justin bieber twenty times asking him to "notice you" and telling him how much you love him and you hope he has a good birthday and then losing 3 followers

+seeing an old man in bright pink tights and high heels at starbucks

+making eye contact with strangers from your car.

random quotes of the week :: 

+pistachio ice cream.  
"the green part is DISGUSTING.  It tastes like christmas"
"what does christmas taste like?"
"a christmas tree.  and chestnuts."

+brothers.  "how old were you when you were able to go to the bathroom on your own?"

+Hunger Games talk.  "I picture him as a scrawny skinny kid." "Oh, I picture him as a barbarian."

+"Emma, you remind me of that bird from the Flinstones."

+"I like carrots cuz they taste like nothing."

+"Dad, let's be honest, you're ugly and I'm hot."

a glance into my life.  

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