Oh, to be Reagan.

Every time I baby sit Miss Princess Sassy Reagan (her name, made up by herself...), she says something different about going to my house (next door)  

"Emma, my mom said that you have to take me to your house because I will yarn with Aunt Kimmy."

(Yarning came up when my mom was crocheting and reagan said, "I want to yarn!"  can I have a "need"?  My mom said that when she's older she will teach her how to crochet and she said, "No.  You don't have to.  I already know how."

"Emma!  My mom is calling you on my phone!  She says that I have to come over!"

Oh Reagan... you make me laugh.  You make everyone laugh!
I asked her if she wanted to come on the swings with me and she said: "Emma.  My feet will get wet and I don't like water very much."

"Let me take a picture with your camera!  I have one just like it!  I mom bought it for me!"  
"I'm going to name my sister Jessica."

Jemima taught her how to flip her hair after someone says "how are you?" and then say, "fine.  perfectly fine."  hahaha

I hope we can remember Reagan's voice when she is older!  

"Emma, lets play house.  I'm Jessica and I'm going to go play with my best friend Jessica."  Me: "How does that work?"  her: "She just has the same name!  everyone has the same name" *chuckle*"  

Oh to be Reagan...

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