the new wild pet!!!!

Liam found a baby bunny in the yard last week and we have fed it and kept it in a cat cage for a while!!
his house
this is the cute little buddy...
liam loves his new pet!
I'm telling you - this is a wild pet!! Yesterday, i was helping liam clean out the cage and we put him in the old smelly trash can and put eli in charge of watching it. Of course, he left and we saw it run across the patio and we caught it, and finished up and tryed him in this cage(above)!! but he was so small the first time the Harris' brought this over for us(they have a "farm") we put him in there and he ran squeezed thru the holes!! then, liam and i(cuz he eats like a pig!! he eats like 8 times everyday!) put him in there to try again. We watched him for a while, then saw him fit through one more hole! the little creeper!! seriously! liam and my dad chased him into a prickly bush and then spent an hour fishing him out! after that we threw him into the cat cage and blocked off the sides of the big cage. I spent a while making little card board houses out of burrito and cereal boxes. now, we are awaiting the day that he grows so that we can put him the more spacious home!! p.s. liam will be 8 on monday. birthday pics to come:)
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Abi  – (August 21, 2009 at 8:02 PM)  

Hey emma cutiest bunny ever dose he still have it ?

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