I like to take pictures but,-wait let me change that: I love to take pictures but there is never asnyone to take pics of!! I mean, Logan-na(unless he's with someone who wants to pose) and Liam- if he really, really wants to, and of course, Eli who will if... well maybe not. but maybe today, while they're waiting for the cousins while saying, "What can I do." more like a normal sentance, not a question. What CAN you do? Well, anything. How about, "hat should i do?" I think I'll tell them it will pass the time. So, liam and eli, get ready!! I will post them later!! 4 more boys later... peace, emma

Kaarin  – (December 19, 2008 at 8:29 PM)  

How's it going over there with all those boys???

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