God's creatures

When we went to the zoo(see previous post), we saw so many animals that I thought were soooooo awesome. 1. the zebras-So stripey and detailed. just amazing. 2. the tigers. those were so cool. also stripey and detailed. Every single animal in the zoo is amazing. It is so cool. Question of the week: What is your favorite animal? Why? Something funny that happened this week: One night we were riding bikes on the driveway and we heard someone's pool pump or some thing. Then, just out of the blue, Eli said, "Mommy, maybe it's a crazy creature." and made his little squinty eye face(pic of that-so cute). Isn't the soo funny!!? It's amazing what they come up with. That's all! Hope you have a wonderful week and a great Monday!! Peace, emma

Grandma & Grandpa H  – (December 8, 2008 at 8:58 PM)  

My favorite animal is the tiger, because of their beautiful color, their eyes that kind of look through you and they look very stealthy and strong.

Grandpa Steve

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