We've kinda sorta-not really-a little bit at a time started potty training eli! He sits on the toilet "The way Sef does" which is backwards and doesn't pee-just stits there-but still, that's good for him. He gets M&m's or candy if he does that. Yesterday, he told me to throw away his dases and I said o.k. and took them- and yep, I "threw" them away on my dad's dresser. The other day he told me he was like Seth's baby sister-not like seth who is YOUNGER and is potty trained... I can't trust Evy in the playroom-fish, fish, and fish. I caught her this morning on top of the cubbies with them just staring at them-tail wagging and all. When I walked in, she looked at me the way a 3-year-old looks when he's guilty- like the time eli colored with a sharpie on the closet. Have a great sunday!!

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